Stefan Wenger and Rachel Wynne have been living, teaching, playing, dancing, improvising, making trouble and building community together for more than 10 years. Throughout that time they have been working together to facilitate spiritual transformation and personal growth work for people who want to let go of their perceived limitations, heal past trauma and create their lives consciously. They are ALSO successful artists, with Rachel’s life-long career in dance and Stef’s meteoric rise in improv fueled and inspired by the same deep love of the present moment that drives their work together.  

Rachel & Stef with our NYC healing group

Our healing facilitation

Rachel and Stef have been helping people integrate transformative moments of their lives for over a decade. During the course of the week, we'll have a couple of ''check-in'' groups, to see where you're all at individually and as a group. If the work in class time has pushed up some old stuff and you'd like to clear it, or go deeper with it, we can do that. If you're feeling super expanded and light and you need to integrate that, then that's what we'll do. And if the group decides that what everyone really needs is a dip in the river instead, we'll do that!

"Stef and Rachel have deep insights and a clear sense of how energy works. With humor and compassion they easily engage others to open to the healing process and personal transformation."    - M.M., NJ

"As a Holistic Therapist and teacher for over ten years  now, I am involved with different arts to heal the body and mind. One which I have incorporated into my work is the Cellular healing that Rachel and Stafan facilite in their groups and seminars. Rachel and Stef are two powerful, dynamic souls who help to make one's healing journey a light hearted experience.'' - Anita, Progressive Healing Dynamic, NJ

"This was a master class in energy." - Bridget Lynch, NY

Rachel on Bear Mountain


"Rachel really has a handle on where to take the group at any given moment. Her sense of the energy is astounding and something I strive for in my own life. She's just so in touch and that's what I love and admire about her!" - B.B., NY

"I have worked with therapists on and off throughout my adulthood. I have always enjoyed dance and danced much of my adulthood for exercise, but more meaningfully as a fun, liberating, empowering and spiritual practice! Rachel's capacities and tools are among the most impactful and transformative I have ever experienced. In each of two 90 minute sessions, I felt and saw things that will carry me closer to the Me and Life I want. She has so much to offer!" - A.H., OR

"When I first began performing improv, stories and character pieces, I had a tendency to over think things. Studying the expandance technique with Rachel helped me become a more grounded, confident performer. Years later, I still use many of the techniques I learned from Rachel to prepare myself before a performance." - Sarah Rainone, NY

Rachel Wynne is a choreographer, teacher, and the founder of expandance, a mindful movement technique which draws on over two decades of training and work in professional dance and healing. In just under a decade this technique has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life relax, get centered, heal chronic pain, move through fear and creative blocks, and gain confidence. Rachel has performed and taught in Ireland, the UK, Belgium, Austria, India, Costa Rica and across the US.


Stef performing at Phaedra's Cabaret


"Stefan is not only a delightful intelligent improviser, but a kind, attentive teacher. I took my first ever musical improv class with Stefan last summer and had a lot of fun while taking creative risks. Stefan has a keen eye for group dynamics and knows how to get the best work out of his students. I highly recommend taking a class with Stefan - he's a supportive coach, perceptive teacher, and talented improviser!" - Stephanie Nudleman, NY

"Stef creates an environment where there is no fear of failure, so you learn a ton while also having fun. You'll grow as a performer if you thoughtfully consider his truthful, well-spoken feedback." - Sarah Galvin, NY

"Stef is an amazingly talented teacher. He has a way of getting people out of their shells and roaring to take risks and have fun. When I took his musical improv class I felt completely supported and encouraged to just let go and have fun. He is his students biggest cheerleader and we all love him for it. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a teacher or coach." - Njideka Agwuna, NY

Stefan Wenger is the creator of PopUp Musicals, an improv program in New York City, in which 30 house team performers and many guests perform improvised musicals every week, and which has become the central hub of the independent musical improv scene in NYC. He has performed with Magnet Theater house teams Wonderland, Pillow Talk and Snake Eyes and performs his solo show Stefan Definitely wherever improv is performed. He teaches classes and coaches teams there and elsewhere. He is also the Creative Director of This Is Your Life: The Musical, a company which improvises personalized musicals at parties and corporate events.