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What's included?

  • 7 days / 6 nights beautiful, shared accommodation in a relaxing jungle valley.
  • Dance / movement sessions with Rachel in the mornings.
  • Improv / comedy sessions with Stef in the afternoon.
  • Delicious, healthy meals at Living Forest: 6 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners, lovingly prepared by Living Forest staff from locally sourced ingredients. We'll explore local restaurants for the other meals. 
  • Integration groups and processing / insights time with Rachel and Stef.
  • Swimming in the river
  • Singing around the fire
  • Class performances at week's end

What's not included?

  • Travel to Costa Rica; and travel from the airport to Living Forest, but we can help set that up.
  • A few of the meals, which we'll dine out for locally - comparatively inexpensive.
  • Optional excusions to zip-lining, hot springs, etc.
  • Optional massages available on-site at Living Forest.

What if I'm not a dancer? What if I can't do the moves?

Rachel's classes are not so much about learning moves as they are about discovering the moves YOUR body wants to make.  They'll draw out the dancer already within you. She has taught expandance to people of all experience levels, so don't worry - you're in safe hands. 

What if I've never taken an improv classes? What if I'm not funny?

There's no experience required for Stef's classes either. You are already an improviser. These classes are designed help get you in touch with the most fun, playful version of yourself.

Do I need a valid passport?


I've never had a passport. Is it easy to get one?

Yes!  It takes about 4-6 weeks in the US. Get started now! You'll probably find yourself having numerous international adventures, beyond this workshop, once you open that door.

Do I need a visa?

Not if you live in the U.S., the UK, Australia or most countries in Europe - all you need is a passport and a plane ticket. If you're from a country we didn't just mention, you can click here to find out whether you'll need a visa.

What's the best way to get to Costa Rica?

Fly! You'll fly into Liberia airport (LIR.)  JetBlue has crazy cheap flights. We are not liable should you decide to swim / hitchhike / parachute in instead. 

How do I get from the Airport to the Living Forest retreat center?

We can arrange a shuttle for you, which you would ideally share with others to save on costs.  We also have a good contact for car rentals. Please know that February is high tourist season in Costa Rica, so if you'd like to rent a car, it's good to do so well in advance.  

What if I want to spend some time hanging out in Costa Rica after the workshop?

That’s a great idea!  If you’ve got the vacation time, the country is absolutely worth exploring.

Can I arrive at the retreat center before the 21st, or stay later than the 27th?

Contact Johanna at to ask about availability and per-night rates. 

What if I'm a vegetarian? Will you provide food for me?

There will always be a vegetarian option at the least, and actually most of the amazing food provided by Living Forest will be vegetarian.

But I eat animals!

Don't worry, Rachel does too. There will be some meat!

AND I'm gluten-free!

You picked the right retreat!  Rachel and Stef are mostly gluten-free, and Costa Rican cuisine favors rice anyway. However, coeliacs should take note that the kitchen will also serve wheat bread, so cross-contamination is possible.

Will those few meals where we dine out, be expensive?

No; it'll be a bit cheaper than eating out in the U.S.

Can I drink the water?

Absolutely!  They have filtered water too.

Can I drink the alcohol?

Living Forest won't serve or sell alcohol but it's not forbidden. You probably won't want to be getting drunk during the retreat; we're going for a vibe of clarity, and the intoxication that comes from pure creative energy! Restaurants we visit will have wine, beer, etc. 

Can I smoke the cigarettes?

Yes, there are designated places on the property where you can smoke.

How much does this amazingness cost?

You won't believe how inexpensive we've made this! Our Early Bird Special is now over, and we are currently running our Late Sleeper Bird Special, which is just $888 and includes accommodation, most meals AND 25 hours of workshops. To take advantage of this rate, simply pay in full by February 7th. After February 7th the Late Sleeper Bird Special rate is no longer available. You can break it up by paying your deposit first if you wish.

From February 7th 2016 onward, the full cost is $945.

Pay your $200 Deposit here

Pay in full here

You're right, that IS a good deal! But do I have to pay the entire workshop fee up front?

No, you can reserve your space today by just paying your (non-refundable) $200 deposit regardless of whether or not you opt for the current special rate.

Do you have a payment plan?

If you wish to avail of the Late Sleeper Bird Special rate, your $888 needs to be in by February 7th 2016. However, you can absolutely spread out that cost between now and then. E-mail us at if you have questions or would like to set up an installment plan.

What happens if I pay and then realize I can't come? 

Your payment will be refunded to you (minus $200 deposit and PayPal transaction fee) up to 1 month before the start of the workshop. No refunds within 1 month of the start of the workshop. 

I have yet more questions!

Worry not. Simply e-mail and ask away, friend. One of us will get back to you pronto.


Now ask yourself: When was the last time I went to town on a coconut? Poured out the juice, scraped up the flesh, sipped and chewed while I listened to the sounds of the jungle and felt a warm breeze caress my skin? 

Oh, not for ages? Better get booking!

                     What happened last time Rachel went to town on a coconut. 

                     What happened last time Rachel went to town on a coconut.